The interpretive centre project was sited on the Quay in Wexford Twon. The brief was to create a space for exhibitions and information to replace the existing tourist information office currently in existence. The siting for the project was chosen to protect the building form the harshest of weather/ sea conditions with a brodge linking the building to the quay on both sides of the jetty. The high level bridge allowed access for boats to the existing marina. The building was of steel and glass constuction opening it up to allow the town of Wexford to be  promoted from the interior. The centre could be used to interprit the town itself. With views of important buildings framed by the building/ windows and explained within.

The project was to provide rental accomodation that was adaptable and comfortable. A type of retreat on a hill on the outskirts of New Ross, Co. Wexford where people of all walks of life could travel to, to work, compose, draw, create or just get away from it all. The units were to be one bedroom, less than 35m2 and to use a variety of cladding and roof coverings. The designed units are orientated so as to create privacy with only one large picture window to the front of each which focus the view from each unit out onto the bay below. No unit is visible from inside another creating the feeling of isolation which is needed at a retreat like these.

The remit for the project was to provide a creche for the Wexford Campus of Carlow I.T. The project was to be housed to the rear of the existing campus building and to incorporate an old pavilion which was part of the protected structure. The creche was to be designed to all relevant standards and infitting with the site. The design uses a number of blocks interlocked at 45° to the pavilion with an upper block which cantilevers over the pavilion. This brings the pavilion along with the new build while protecting its integrity. The pavilion is sensitively restored to its original state with a number of small additions to enable a play area to be created.  The building sits well with its surrounding and could be removed with little or no damage to the protected structure.



interpretive centre

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